There’s Been A Problem Brewing in the Beer Industry.

The $100 billion U.S. brewing industry has over overwhelming fell into one of the weakest positions in years. What’s happening? People are drinking less off the stuff. According to research if found on Ad Age total beer shipments were down 2.1% for the first eight months of the year and five of the top six mega brands are slumping. Several factors play into the trend, key among them the recession. The unemployment remains mainly prominent among the 21- to 35-year-old men who are the primary targets of beer companies. Bud Light’s attempts at various brand extensions have seemed to fail. The Bud Light Golden Wheat didn’t make nearly the dent as its successful predecessor, Bud Light Lime.

Looking to “Man Up” Bud Light’s number one competitor, Miller Lite, began its new advertising campaign featuring guys in bad fashion being mocked by female bartenders. In my opinion these ads aren’t very appealing. Although Miller Lite is releasing mediocre commercials, at least they’re making trying.  Which leads to the question, what is Bud Light Doing? The answer is a bit troubling— not much. After visiting their site on a constant basis the company still has links from the summer. Two of the six interactive links on the Bud Light web site are out dated and irrelevant. They still have a promotional spot highlighting the company sponsoring the World Cup, which ended almost four months ago. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Bud Light needs stay updated as a means to keep up with their consumers. If the beer industry is down why isn’t Bud Light taking steps to improve their brand image?

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Social Networking With Bud Light

According to Adage the king of beers was looking for various fresh ideas from a new advertising-agency partner in late September. In an effort to hold off a continual stateside sales fall, Anheuser-Busch began looking for input from numerous U.S. agencies to invigorate the notorious Budweiser brand.

One-way Bud Light has pumped up their image is with their new campaign catchy slogan, “Here we go!” Keeping with the instant party theme, Bud Light created the Bud Light Playbook, go-to game day resource with plays of the week and tailgating tips. On the side of the Bud Light cases there are little stickers to “snap” with your camera phone, which will provide instant access to plays from the Bud Light Playbook. In my opinion it’s just another way to show the flexibility of the brands image. In theory I think this is a strong idea to improve Bud Light from a social networking aspect but I’m not sure if it will increase sales.

Another way Bud Light is trying to create a presence in the social media world is with their new “High Five League.” In short, players connect with Facebook and submit a “creative, difficult, and awesome” ways to high five. Browsers can rate and comment on the high fives. The team with the most votes wins a trip on the Bud Light Port Paradise III. At first I wasn’t sure how high fiving tied into the brand image but after watching some of the videos I realized, it’s people showing a sure fun way to have a good time.

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Here We Go With Advertising In Society

Nike, Coca Cola, and McDonalds are some of the biggest brand names in the advertising business. Although these companies are leaders in their industry, I enjoy humor when it comes to advertising, which normally these brands aren’t known for. In my opinion I think some of the funniest advertising campaigns come from beer brands. Coors is a refreshing beer as cold as the Rockies. While, Miller takes pride in its great taste and triple brewed hops. However, the final major “American” beer company obviously being the king of beers, Budweiser. Personally I don’t like the taste of Coors or Miller products therefore I’ve decided to follow Budweiser and specifically Bud Light. Considering it’s the beginning of the football season this is essentially prime time for beer brand activity. The Super Bowl is known for comedic beer advertisement but the campaigns usually start at the beginning of the season. Last year Bud Light’s slogan was drinkability, which posed the thought in a consumer’s mind that Bud Light is easier to drink than the other beers. This season Bud Light has chosen to pull a wild card out of the deck with the slogan “here we go.” Thus the implication can be made that any dull moment can be turned into a party if theirs Bud Light. Throughout this semester I’m sure this party campaign will be an interesting one to attend.

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50 words

The summer has been a dream, which found its way into my reality.

I came to LA searching for answers and new opportunities

I lived simply as I experienced complexity

I’m leaving with nothing but possibilities

The dream isn’t over

I just decided to wake up

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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