There’s Been A Problem Brewing in the Beer Industry.

The $100 billion U.S. brewing industry has over overwhelming fell into one of the weakest positions in years. What’s happening? People are drinking less off the stuff. According to research if found on Ad Age total beer shipments were down 2.1% for the first eight months of the year and five of the top six mega brands are slumping. Several factors play into the trend, key among them the recession. The unemployment remains mainly prominent among the 21- to 35-year-old men who are the primary targets of beer companies. Bud Light’s attempts at various brand extensions have seemed to fail. The Bud Light Golden Wheat didn’t make nearly the dent as its successful predecessor, Bud Light Lime.

Looking to “Man Up” Bud Light’s number one competitor, Miller Lite, began its new advertising campaign featuring guys in bad fashion being mocked by female bartenders. In my opinion these ads aren’t very appealing. Although Miller Lite is releasing mediocre commercials, at least they’re making trying.  Which leads to the question, what is Bud Light Doing? The answer is a bit troubling— not much. After visiting their site on a constant basis the company still has links from the summer. Two of the six interactive links on the Bud Light web site are out dated and irrelevant. They still have a promotional spot highlighting the company sponsoring the World Cup, which ended almost four months ago. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Bud Light needs stay updated as a means to keep up with their consumers. If the beer industry is down why isn’t Bud Light taking steps to improve their brand image?

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